• Do you receive help through a resource teacher?
  • Have you had a parent, friend, or tutor help you with homework?
  • Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed, disorganized, or behind in your class work?

If so, a tutor might be a service that works for you.  A tutor may help you

  • Review the class material
  • Plan your schedule and manage your time
  • Break big assignments into smaller steps
  • Develop study skills
  • Prepare for quizzes and tests
  • Edit or proofread written work
  • Understand information from your text book
  • Organize and use your notes

Your Student Services Advisor can help you decide if tutoring is right for you and what tutoring options and funding may be available to you.    

A tutor will not be available to you during class time; you will meet at lunch, after class, or during a time when you do not have classes scheduled. 

You will be responsible to schedule your tutoring time and make sure it is used effectively.  Check out the Tutor Training Resources to help you plan how tutoring can help.