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Academic Accommodations

When your disability has an impact on your access to or participation in learning at NSCC, you can request Academic Accommodations.

Academic Accommodations are individual changes in how you

  • access course or program content and information 
  • participate in learning and course work and activities
  • demonstrate your knowledge and skills

Academic Accommodations do not change

  • what information you learn
  • what knowledge and skills you will be required to independently demonstrate
  • the academic standards or requirements of a course or program

Students, staff, and faculty share responsibility for planning Academic Accommodations based on

  • each student's unique experience
  • information about barriers to accessing and participating in learning
  • recommendations from medical and/or psycho-educational professionals
  • course and program content, requirements, and standards

We will help you plan Academic Accommodations. Members of the Student Services Team, your Faculty, and/or an Academic Chair will also be involved in this planning process. You can invite your parents, a teacher, a friend, or anyone else you’d like to take part in the planning with you.

Once Academic Accommodations are planned, you will get a copy of an Accommodation Agreement that lists your Academic Accommodations and your responsibilities.