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Privacy Policy
Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

The collection, use and disclosure of student information is protected by College policies and government legislation.

As part of the recruitment, admission and enrolment process, the College collects a range of personal information. Following enrolment, it is anticipated that students will participate in academic, portfolio, graduation and other activities where the College collects and may communicate their personal information.

Personal information is used by the College for academic, administrative and statistical purposes. In addition, a student’s personal affairs and welfare may also be monitored so the College can service their individual needs. After graduation, certain personal information will be used to support a graduate survey.

Certain information will be shared with the Student Association to keep their database current. The College will maintain a database of student, graduate and alumni information on behalf of the NSCC Foundation for philanthropic activities. Personal information may be disclosed to government departments, co-sponsoring organizations and other educational institutions. Occasionally, information may be released, if required by a court order or other legal requirement.

A student can request access to their personal information and can request the correction, deletion or addition of information that is not accurate, complete or up-to-date. For more information on the confidentiality of student information, refer to the College’s Academic Policy, Section 11 or contact the College’s Chief Privacy Officer.