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Smart Steps

Researchers have found there are six skills needed to achieve success.  To help you learn and develop these skills, we've put together this collection of fun activities, advice from peers, stories of success, planning, tools, portfolio activities, and links.  Are you ready to take some Smart Steps to success?

Introduction: Defining success
Skill 1: Know who you are (Self-awareness)
Skill 2: Know what you want (Goal-setting)
Skill 3: Know how to reach your goals (Proactivity)
Skill 4: Know who can help (Supports)
Skill 5: Know what it's worth (Perseverance)
Skill 6: Know what to do if it all goes wrong (Coping strategies)

Tips for students

  • You can use the lessons by yourself or with someone else.
  • The lessons can be done in order or you can skip around.
  • You will need to print some of the activity sheets.
  • Each lesson ends with a worksheet that can be put in your portfolio.
  • Give the activities your best shot – you’ll get more out of them. 

Tips for teachers

  • The lessons in this course can be used to help students recognize the six Smart Steps and how to use them in transitioning from high school to postsecondary education.
  • Students can complete the course independently, with guidance, as a small group, or in a classroom.
  • The majority of the material is not disability-focused and can benefit all students.
  • Lessons and activities can be used as a complete course or as stand alone pieces to complement current curriculum outcomes.
  • Many activities can be printed off for distribution; others require access to the internet.