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Tell us about your disability

You can get support and services from Disability Services if you

  • are applying to a program at NSCC
  • have been accepted into a program at NSCC
  • are already attending classes at NSCC

The first step in getting support and services is to tell us about yourself, about your disability, and about barriers you are anticipating or experiencing in the classroom and other aspects of your learning experience. 

You are invited to make an appointment with your Student Services Advisor or the Learning Strategist at your campus to begin this conversation. You can use the First Meeting form to help you prepare for this meeting.

You will be asked to share information about

  1. your disability
  2. the ways your disability impacts you
  3. how your disability impacts you in your program and learning
  4. academic accommodations, support services, and strategies you use

Don't worry if you don't know the answers to some of these questions yet! We can help you figure them out.  You also have some of this information in documentation you will be asked to share.